Thursday, 20 May 2010

£100k limo was too much

Spending cuts are all over the press since the new government started to run the country. First we hear about sharing flats and houses (or mansions!) then we hear about letting go of the limo! There will also be plenty of job cuts and if you are a limo driver for the new government, you can start looking for a new job.

David Laws has ditched his ministerial limo in a gesture to voters and taxpayers. He refused to use the £100,000 government car as it is necessary to cut spending. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury has been given the painful task of dealing with the £163billion deficit. The former City banker, 44, has now opted to walk to work in Whitehall daily from his home in Oval, South London. Who needs a limo to get about? He could also use a bike like Boris. Most MP like to use Jaguars and expensive cars just to show that they mean business but we'll have the limo and they want to do a cheap deal.

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