Monday, 16 August 2010

Limo trip to King Street

Customers in Wigan can expect VIP treatment at Legend on King Street if they can charm the management with business ideas. Marketing manager for Elements and Legends nightclub, Ryan Kemp, is putting on a limo for the customer in order to improve business.

The WIGAN nightclub Legends will be treating a member of the public to a night of luxury after she suggested how King Street could be improved by creating a classy atmosphere for older customers who can find the 16-25 partying a bit wild on a Saturday night.

Punters were asked by nightclub bosses to text in suggestions on how to improve King Street. The survey was successful in gaining information about customer likes and dislikes. Kath Martland from Orrell was one reader who suggested she wanted a night out in mature company, in a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of class. The lucky winner will be picked up in a limousine with seven of her friends and will enjoy champagne and VIP treatment for the night.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

From Limo to Land Cruiser

of the Philippines has decided to put the Limo back in the garage and only use his own car for official functions and created a surprise for the security staff.
His been seen in Manila, driving his white Toyota Land Cruiser rather than the official president's limo and he also got caught in traffic even though it was sporting the license plate No. 1.

President Benigno Aquino confessed that he finds it more comfort to drive his own vehicle and wants to use the resources of the state sparingly which is in tune with the current UK government.

The black Mercedez Benz limousine will certainly have a low mileage by the time the recession ends.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tennis star Maria Sharapova interviewed in a limo

Tennis superstar, sexy blonde and former Wimbledon women’s champion, Maria Sharapova, agreed to a very special interview place - in a white limo! It's a great choice for an interview as you can fit the guest and the camera crew.

Here is the video of the Russian star being interviewed in the back of the luxury Excursion limo.

During the interview for Sony Ericsson, the 23-year-old talked about her tennis career and her hopes for Wimbledon which is live this week. The 6ft 2in Russian has suffered from a serious shoulder injury and this has created a series of disappointments over the last couple of years. The tennis ace is now attempting to stage a major comeback, and hopes Wimbledon is the place where it all comes together for he.

Certainly, her time in this great looking limo will boost her confidence before arriving on the tennis court in style.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

£100k limo was too much

Spending cuts are all over the press since the new government started to run the country. First we hear about sharing flats and houses (or mansions!) then we hear about letting go of the limo! There will also be plenty of job cuts and if you are a limo driver for the new government, you can start looking for a new job.

David Laws has ditched his ministerial limo in a gesture to voters and taxpayers. He refused to use the £100,000 government car as it is necessary to cut spending. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury has been given the painful task of dealing with the £163billion deficit. The former City banker, 44, has now opted to walk to work in Whitehall daily from his home in Oval, South London. Who needs a limo to get about? He could also use a bike like Boris. Most MP like to use Jaguars and expensive cars just to show that they mean business but we'll have the limo and they want to do a cheap deal.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Limo Hire in Essex

Essex boys and girls are known for their parties and certainly know how to have fun in style. One of the best way to go about on a night out in essex is definitely with a lovely LIMO! Here's the top 10 reasons to have a limo hire in essex:
- Hen night
- Stag night
- Corporate party
- Wedding
- Prom night
- 50's birthday party
- 21st birthday party
- 30th birthday party
- Major Sport event for your club or glamour sporting event such as Ascot
- award parties